618NC Single Pump 6 Ton 57kN Hydraulic Fastener Insertion Machine

The Intuitive HMI,Easy Touch,Affordable All in ERSM…

618NC 6 ton(57KN) ram force, 18 inch(450mm) throat depth, equipment with PLC control system and safety system.

Machine Basic Functions

  • Positive Stop System

    The system is particularly well suited for improving uniformity on soft, delicate work pieces.

  • Easy Touch HMI

7 inch display touch screen instead of rotary / button control. Adopts PLC system,realize easily automation I/O communication.

  • Batch Counter

Consists of independent 3 counters. Including workpiece counter, the number of press riveting on a single workpiece and total counter.

  • 100% Safety System

Compulsory safety system test with alarm. No security risks. Making the operator to full protection on the conductive and non-conductive work mode.

  • Quick Force Setting

According pressure recommended value increase or decrease force adjustment control, allowing you to find the right riveting pressure within 10 seconds.

  • MSTP-14(metric)

14 pieces of manual work with nuts,studs & standoff different size of punch and die M3-M8, Length up to 35mm, The punch & die holder installation diameter φ12.7mm.

  • Double Side Trunk Base 


Most Popular Options

  • TIS-Turret Insertion System

Multiple manual insertion Install up to 4 different fasteners in 1 Single Part Handling.

  • Modular Autofeed System(mas)

Including high quality vibration bowl and intelligent digital variable voltage and variable frequency piezoelectric vibration feeder controller.

  • Laser Locating

Assist to handling the big workpiece to cover lower tool by laser locating light reference.

Standard Automatic Tooling System(optional)

1.Shuttle nut tooling system


2.Automatic bottom feed tooling


3.ABFT with part clearance


4.Shuttle stud tooling system

FH: M3-6~25mm/M4-8~25mm/M5-10~25mm/M6-10~25mm/M8-15~25mm

5.Shuttle standoff tooling system

SO/BSO: M3-5~25mm/3.5M3-5.8~25mm/M4-9~25mm/3.5M4&M5-8~25mm