Notching Machine Variable Angle HCS-I4/I6

Machine configuration

1,The machine is mainly consists of frames, working table, adjustable plate machine, electrical system, hydraulic system, etc.

2,Workbench, frame, the oil cylinder base,tool apron are high strength of the mono-block cast steel structure.,3,Famous Huade main hydraulic valve Chinese famous or Delixi electrical components

Machine characteristics

1.Variable angle blades adjust between 30° and 120°. For variable angle notchers with multi attachment the angle can be changed non symmetrical individually for each side. Cuts in a wide variety of materials and thickness (from 1mm to 4mm).

2.Absolute rigidity is provided by our mono-block steel casting ( 65kg/mm² ) incorporating a 3-guide system holder assures unmatched cutting precision and blade life.

3. You may select between single step mode or step by step mode

4.The standard stroke adjustment which limits the stroke to a present position. You can therefore produce defined shears, not necessarily ending at the edge of the material and you can increase your stroke rate with the shortest possible stroke for each task.

Technical description

Fixed cutting angle from 30° to 120° from 30° to 120°
Blade Length 250mm 250mm
Max. thickness of notcher(σb=450Mpa) 6mm 4mm
Max. length of notcher angle 250mm 250mm
Strokes 30 times per min. 40 times per min.
Working table dimensions 950mm×850mm 900mm×800mm
Working table height 950mm 950mm
Motor Type Y112M-4-B5 Y112M-4-B5
Motor Power 4 kw 4 kw
Motor rotation 1440 r/min 1440 r/min
1440 r/min 35 L 35 L
Max. pressure 18 Mpa 18 Mpa
Overall machine dimensions 950mmx920mmx1230mm 950mmx850mmx1100mm