Grinding Machine WG-150



01. Automatic sharpening(Automatic tool setting, automatic removal).
02. PLC control, automatically complete the grinding process of rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, etc.
03. Grinding accuracy: flatness±0.01MM.
04. The upper mold of AMADA 85 series AB station only needs to remove the pipe, and then the chuck can be installed for sharpening.
05. Automatic lubrication system.
06. Automatic cooling system(Prevent tool grinding and annealing).
07. Automatic liquid level detection system(Automatically alarm and stop when the coolant is lacking to prevent tool grinding and annealing).
08. Automatic filtration system(Filter cotton can be washed and reused).
09. Safety door protection and alarm function.
10. Grinding overload protection system.
11. Spindle upper limit alarm function.
12. Emergency stop alarm function.
13. Interrupt return function.
14. Exhause system helps trap remaining swarf.


AC380V, 50HZ
Table Motor & Rotating
0.55 KW, 60 RPM
Motor of Rotating Table
0.100KW, 1440 RPM
Spindle Motor & Rotating
2.2 KW,3000RPM
Cooling Motor
Maximum Grinding Diameter
Maximum Grinding
Maximum Grinding Stroke
The Diameter of Grinding Wheel
CBN Ø150
Grinding Range
Weight of Machine


Problems for most of sheetmetal factory

1.Passivated tool core will decrease the punching quality

2.Return of material is a common condition caused by disqualification punching grinding

3.Tool change time increased caused by bad grinding quality

4.Machine working time becomes short caused by short life tool

5.Grinding cost increased

6.Storage cost increased caused by purchasing 2-3 sets tooling

Our machine is mainly for the grinding of CNC punching machine, it can be achieved by setting the parameter on the touch screen, max grinding diameter is 160mm; punch holder can be installed on the rotary working table; multi-channel cooling water device; our grinding structure use imported linear guide and ballscrew, servo motor and with high accuracy; CBN good quality grinding wheel with high induction, and can improve the tooling life time.