Ironworler Multi Series

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1,Punching Station 

The large punch bed area has a removable front block and is designed to give a very wide range of punching applications. A punch table with rules and guides for repetition work are fitted as standard machine.

2,Section cutting station

The machines are fitted as standard with blades for cutting round and square bars. With extra device, the machines are able to cut, in this aperture, channel, joist, T-section and many other special profiles.

3,Angle station

This station provides large capacity angle cutting at 90° and 45°. Angles between 45° and 90° can be achieved by first cutting at 90° and then flange trimming to the required angle in the shearing station.

4,Shearing Station

The shearing unit is fitted with a simple robust holddown which is adjustable to any thickness of material within the cutting capacity of the machine. The shear feed table with adjustable guides is fitted to allow accurate feeding of materials. The guide can be adjusted to allow mitre cutting up to 45° for  flat bars or to trim the flangles of angle.

5,Notching Station

The notching station is fitted as standard with a rectangular notch table with adjustable back stops, allowing repetitive positioning.

Ironworler Multi Series5

Two shielded foot controls

For two operator utilisation, the hydraulic system is activated by two shielded foot controls,one operating the punch end cylinder, the other operating the shear end cylinder. The shear cylinder provides the power to the three shearing and the notch stations.

Low maintenance

The system gives accurate power inching at all five work stations and allows the machine to be stopped at any position giving safe and accurate tool setting and work positioning. Limit switches at both ends of the machine control stroke length at all stations. Centralised lubrication is metered by one-shot system, being only one feature of the low maintenance requirement.

Model MULTI   60 MULTI 70 MULTI 80 MULTI 95 MULTI 125 MULTI 175
RATED CAPACITY 60T 70T 80T 95T 125T 175T
Hole Punching(D x T) 28×15 26X20 28X20 27X25 32X25 40X32
Max. hole punching(D x T) 57×8 57X9 57X10 57X12 57X16 57X22
Stroke 55 55 55 80 80 80
Standard depth of throat 305 305 305 355 355 625
Extend depth of throat 625 625 625 625 625 625
Max. hole size 57 57 57 57 57 57
Max. hole size 160 160 160 160 225 225
Max. section steel 305 305 305 305 305 380
Max. thickness for plate 230X20 300X20 300X20 380X20 380X25 380X30
Max. width for plate 375X10 375X15 450X15 480X15 600X15 600X20
Cut corner in angle steel, Max. 45 degree 100X15 100X15 100X15 120X15 120X15 125X15
90° 130X13 130X13 150X13 150X15 150X18 200X20
45° 70X10 70X10 70X10 80X10 80X10 80X10
Round steel/Square steel 45 45 45 50 55 65/55
Channel steel/H steel 130X65 130X65 130X65 160X90 200X100 200X100
T steel* 90X12 90X12 90X12 100X12 120X12 150X15
Plate thickness 10 10 12 12 12 16
Width-rectangle 45 45 40 52 60 60
Depth-rectangle 90 90 90 100 100 100
Depth-V shape 60 60 60 70 80 80
Cut edge 100X10 100X10 100X10 100X13 100X13 100X14
Max. corner cutting ability 250X6 250X6 250X6 250X6 250X6 250X6
Max. outside diameter for tube 83 83 83 108 108 165
flat steel bending 250X12 250X13 250X13 250X20 250X22 250X25
plate bending 500X3 500X3 500X3 500X3 700X3 700X4
Depth 125 125 125 125 125 125
Max. ability 38X7 38X8 38X8 38X10 38X12 38X13
Power for main motor 5.5 5.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 11
Net weight for machine 1570 1620 1925 2730 3100 5550
Machine size (L x W x H cm) 164X71X178 164X71X180 190X79X191 190X79X191 200X80X203 270X112X216