CNC Corner Forming Machine




Are you still welding cabinet?

SAVE MONEY-Forming your panel with a tools?

The JCX corner rounder machine is a sheet metal corner former which gives the best solution for cold forming corner in doors, panels and other flat sheet metal parts in a constant excellent quality.

The machine is available as stand alone machine or in connection with notcher.





The advantages of machine-finished corners in formable flat sheet metal, compared to welded and grinded corners, are as follows:

●Excellent and always consistent corner finishing in best quality of cold formed corners

●Extensive time savings through simplified door production process (reduction of manipulation and intermediate storage)

●Cost savings through higher output, reduced personnel, elimination of abrasives and welding consumables

Technical Features 

The forming and shearing is finished separately in two working position ; Install safety light curtain protection to make the production process more safe and humanistic; The accuracy of different thickness is controlled by Fuji servo motors; Parameters is adjusted through touch screen, some other movement is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC.A set of mould is with the machine ,including :rolling mould ,square mould ,shear knife of a corner radius. Adopt the imported first-class brand components as our key electrical components to ensure the reliability and stability of the system. The PLC controller with 68 points can store and save lots of sheet metal corner moulding technologies, gap compensation coefficients .At the same time ,it can save and rewrite the coefficients of special materials and even the complex bimetal at any time This machine improves efficiency more than three times by changing the tedious process of open-angle welding ,grinding etc into rolling forming directly .it saves labor ,electricity ,gas ,grinding material and other accessories for enterprises, therefore ,it is both environmentally friendly and greatly reduces the production cost , could be regarded as the enterprise save-money expert.

Product Parameter
Technical parameters Content
Model RSBH-13
Processing time moulding one corner About 9 sec.
Processing time moulding four corners About 60 sec.
Mould configuration Rolling mould ,square mould ,shear knife
AC servo motor Fuji/Japan
Pneumatic system Airtac/Taiwan
PLC Mitsubishi/Japan
Low voltage electrical appliance Schneider/France
Hydraulic value Huade/China
Main motor power(KW) 4
Dimensions(LengthX WidthX Height)(mm) 1560*1330*1600
Weight(KGS) 1260