Double Head Autofeed Riveting Tool Machine

Product Features

  • Small size: The double-gun riveting machine is similar in size to the single-gun machine.
  • Large workpieces can be riveted at the same time in different areas, with double efficiency.











  • Time-saving and labor-saving: large workpieces can be pulled in different areas at the same time.
  • Applicable pull stud size: M2.4-M5.0.
  • Separate control system, support single gun or double gun work at the same time.
  • The rivet gun can be selected according to the model specified by the customer, and the replacement of the gun body and the assembly and disassembly are extremely flexible and convenient.
  • Intelligent counting, early warning reminder.


Model ART-2.4Q2 ART-3.2Q2 ART-4.0Q2 ART-5.0Q2
Loading Capacity 4000-5000Pcs 2000-3000Pcs 2000-2500Pcs 1000-1500Pcs
Rivet Diameter 2.4mm 3.0-3.2mm 4.0mm 4.8-5.0mm
Total Power 350W 350W 350W 350W
Riveting Speed 1.2-1.5Pcs/s 1.2-1.5Pcs/s 1.2-1.5Pcs/s 1.2-1.5Pcs/s
Feeding Speed 50-60Pcs/min 50-60Pcs/min 50-60Pcs/min 50-60Pcs/min
Working Pressure 6kg 6kg 6kg 6kg
Rated Air Pressure 8kg 8kg 8kg 8kg
Size 510*390*480mm 510*390*480mm 510*390*480mm 510*390*480mm
Net Weight 59kg 59kg 59kg 59kg
Rivet Gun Weight 1.6kg 1.6kg 1.6kg 1.6kg
Input Voltage 220V 220V 220V 220V
Low Electric Voltage 24V 24V 24V 24V


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