EHP-3512 Oil-electric Hybrid CNC Single Servo Pump Press Brake

Main Features

  • Standard 3 axis
  • The latest hybrid driven system(1 servo pump )
  • The one only quantity production with proven technique in the world Best price with
  • Chinese patent hydraulic technology and product
  • The servo motor controls the output flow of the oil pump according to the program setting, and then controls the movement speed and position of the slider
  • The whole process has no throttling phenomenon
  • The distribution of oil is basically on demand, without throttling loss, which can realize the real sense of energy saving
  • The application of servo motor greatly reduces the energy consumption of the system in the working gap
  • Excellent energy saving effect, energy saving rate of 70%
  • Upper beam positioning accuracy Y1、Y2 ±0.02 mm
  • Upper beam repeated positioning accuracy Y1、Y2 ±0.01 mm
  • Back gauge X repeated positioning accuracy ≤±0.01mm
  • Back gauge R repeated positioning accuracy ≤±0.02mm
  • Work piece angle tolerances ±20’/Whole length
  • Work piece straightness tolerances:0.20mm/1000mm


Model EHP-3512
Force (kN) 350
Max. bending Length (mm) 1250
Distance between uprights (mm) 900
Opening height (mm) 385
Throat depth (mm) 200
Cylinder stroke (mm) 120
Main power (kw) 4.4
Oil(L) 70
Upper beam Speed




Working speed 0-20
Returning speed 250
Back gauge speed X axis Stroke (mm) 450
Max. speed


Back gauge speed R axis Stroke (mm) 140
Max. speed


Machine  Dimensions (mm) Length 1650
Width 1210
Height 2245
Weight (kg) 2900