IS Series 40Ton Full Electric Servo Press Brake

Main Features

  • 40ton, 60ton, 100ton…
  • Y1/Y2 axis adopts grating scale or magnetic grating scale feedback full-closed loop control mode, precise positioning control, repeat positioning accuracy of ±5μm
  • Intelligent safety light curtain monitoring ensures operator safety
  • Smart tool load monitoring ensures tool safety
  • Five-wire touch screen, high reliability with a service life of more than 10 million times, and the operation process is simple and fast.
  • Bending pressure automatic calculation function, alarm prompt when the pressure exceeds the limit range
  • “Direct” calculation of back gauge position
  • Angle intelligent compensation function: According to sheet metal material characteristics, die size, material thickness, bending angle and other sheet metal process parameters, combined with the angle calculation model of the CNC system, any sheet metal only needs one trial break
  • Arc continuous bending function
  • Die parameter library: establish a mold parameter library for customers, which is convenient for customers to quickly call parameters for sheet metal bending
  • Password protection function
  • All-electric servo CNC bending machine, power saving and green environmental protection


Model IS-4016 IS-6025 IS-10032
Bending Force 400KN 600KN 1000KN
Bending Length 1600mm 2500mm 3200mm
Motor Spacing 1250mm 2000mm 2800mm
Throat Depth 410mm
Opening Height 470mm
Slider Tilt ±30mm
Y Axis Fast Approach Speed 220mm/s 200mm/s 180mm/s
Y Axis Bending Speed 50mm/s
Y Axis Return Speed 220mm/s 200mm/s 180mm/s
X Axis Fast Approach Speed 500mm/s
R Axis Fast Approach Speed 200mm/s
Z1/Z2 Axis Fast Approach Speed 400mm/s
Repeat Positioning Accuracy
Y Axis ±0.01mm
X Axis ±0.02mm
R Axis ±0.1mm
Z1/Z2 Axis ±0.1mm
Y Axis 200mm
X Axis 500mm 600mm 600mm
R Axis 200mm
Z1/Z2 Axis 800mm 1800mm 2500mm
Size 2400*1388*2439mm 2900*1388*2439mm 3600*1722*2664mm
Weight 3500kg 5300kg 7800kg


Back gauge system

control system

The CNC system is a suspended operating station that can swing freely in the operating area, and the pedal-operated operating system can operate. It enable operator to do off-line programming.

Safety Device (Optional)