Pneumatic Sheet Metal Connection Self Clinching Rivetless Press Machine

Main Features

  • This machine uses innovative technology to join metal sheets together without making holes. This joining method doesn’t need any fasteners like rivets or bolts. The sheets stay intact and integral without any openings. This way of joining helps retain the integrity of the sheets being joined hence helps achieve more superior ingress protection (IP) rating as there are less openings for liquid to leak from. Also it is more cost effective because of no fastners are required and adoids drilling and deburring opearations.
  • Compact structure, clean design.
  • Increased productivity with automatic feeding system and multi-point riveting.
  • Large anti-ejecting forces and anti-torsion torques.
  • High flexibility with height-adjustable.
  • High stroke frequency.
  • Easy maintenance and changeable.
  • Rivetless low cost.
  • System with 5-bit counter.
  • Adopting high strength cast steel structure.
  • With emergency brake button (emergency stop switch).
  • With power stroke self-locking function.
  • Low noise and low consumption.
  • Not break the plating or painting in surface.
  • Can riveting different shapes after replaced the different die.


Power Source Hydropneumatic
Ram Force 8 ton
Max. Clinching Thickness 2mm+2mm
Power Stroke 12mm
Weight 500Kg
Air Source 3bar-8bar
Application HVAC,Automobile,Sheet Metal Industry


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