Sheet Metal CNC Folding Machine/Metal Folders/Panel Bender

Machine Configuration

FDG32 full-electric CNC sheet metal folding machine. The machine has three servo motors to control the positioning, pressing and folding.

Main Features

  • Full electric, 3 servo motor control machining
  • CNC controlled crowning of folding beam
  • CNC folder that folds upward and downward, no need to flip the material
  • Folding beam positioning, suction cup positioning, backgauge positioning
  • Comes as standard with multifold tooling, CNC controlled sheet thickness and folding center adjustment
  • Folding both up and down, folding machine eliminates the need to flip material, providing time-efficient folding of complex parts using one operator
  • Easy operation: Part rests on gauging system
  • Also thin and flexible blanks can be easily handled
  • Safe and ergonomic operation
  • Energy-sapping lifting and holding of parts is eliminated
  • A single person can even bend large and heavy components
  • Ideal solution for users with high demands on flexibility

Control System – EasyFolding 15

  • Touch screen: full-color LCD15-inch TFT screen, resolution 1024*768 pisels
  • CPU: ITX motherboard, low power consumption, dual-core 16GH Intel processor, 2GB cache
  • Flash memory: 8GB
  • USB: USB2.0*3
  • Network card: Ethernet 10-100Base-T, TCP/P protocol
  • Drawing, importing
  • Off-line programming, simulation
  • Avoidance, safety warning
  • Multi-step, single-step, manual, and multiple modes can be switched freely
  • Power supply: DC 24V, 36W