RSC-200 Laser Cutting Machine Slat Cleaner

Main Features

  • Suitable for all brands of CO2 and fiber type laser cutter;such as Bystronic,Trumpf, Amada,Mitsubishi, Mazak and more
  • Max Laser Power 150,000W
  • Suitable for diverse metal slag
  • Suitable for Max Slag Width 25 mm
  • Cleans the slats fast and thoroughly
  • Clean slats ensure reliable, high-quality production of laser-cut components
  • Maintain efficient work under harsh working conditions
  • The cutter is made of heat-treated tool steel to maintain the best cutting edge and longer service life
  • Easy to install and unload
  • Operated by one person


Model RSC-200
Supply Voltage 220V
Frequency 50HZ
Rated Power 2300W
Suitable for Max Laser Power 6000W
Suitable for Thickness of Sword Gate 2.5-4MM
Suitable for Min Spacing of Rapier Racks 35MM
Suitable for Max Slag Width 25MM