4 Station Autofeed Hydraulic Fastener Insertion Machine

Product Features

  • 625-4e 6 ton (57KN) ram force,25 inch (650mm)throat depth, 4 set MAS autofeed system.
  • 4 station, upper and lower tool automatic change.
  • Prevent wrong insertion and missed insertion, pick up a workpiece and insert 4 type fasteners at once.
  • Connect to Industry 4.0, can connect to robot or XYZ platform.
  • Suitable for M10 Nuts M8 standoff M6 Stud.

Product Parameters

Throat depth
Throat lengh
Riveting capacity
M10 Nuts M8 standoff M6 Stud
Stroke lengh
Main power
Power supply

Standard Configuration

  • 4 Station Automatic Upper Tool Changer


  • 4 Station Automatic Lower Tool Changer


  • Best Operator Ergonomics

Operator control pendant can be adjusted in 4 directions, allowing for easy access and the best view of screen instructions while standing up or sitting down.


  • Easier and Faster Programming


  • Fast & Easy Tooling Setup on 4 Set MAS Modular Autofeed Systems

• Tool Change from 3 minutes to 3 seconds per MAS through a one piece tool module.

• No more manual bowl setting required. Software automatically sets the voltage of the vibrating bowl, and use the vibrating bowl to send rivets smoothly.

• Larger bowl design in combination with new drive, the Modular Autofeed System can feed nuts, studs and standoffs in the size M3 to M5(Shuttle). The maximum length of the studs andstandoffs is 25mm.

• Deeper bowl design in combination with new bowl tooling design allows for fastener lengths up to 40mm all to be fed in the same bowl.

• New drive design allows for a 1 single tool piece, resulting in faster and easier tool change.

• Lower mounting position allowing for easier filling and emptying.

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