RMD-162 Electric Manual Sheet Metal Deburring Machine

Product Features

  • Suitable for small batch metal plate surface polishing,slag removal, deburring and other treatment.
  • There are two heads that can be fitted with various types of tooling.
  • Automatic vacuum adsorption table, automatic distribution of vacuum suction,efficient and safe.
  • Different brushes can be selected according to the actual workpiece to achieve the ideal effect.
  • With dust-cleaning function.

Product Parameters

Model RMD-162
Grinding Head 2
Processing Thickness 0.5-10mm
Table Size 1200*750mm
Cantilever Operating Range 1200mm/360°
Size Of Vacuum Adsorption Platform 295*295mm
Power 3.95KW
Grinding Head Power 0.75KW
Adsorption Pressure 27Kpa
Brush Size φ162mm
Sand Size φ150mm
Vacuum Air Volume 1000m³/h


Wearing Parts