This equipment is for CNC Vertical V Grooving Machine.This machine adopts the advanced CNC system, the design is novel.With high machining precision, simple operation, no noise, no vibration, etc.The machine is used for the sheet metal parts (including stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, copper plate, iron plate, plastic board, acrylic board and other special plate.) On V groove, u-shaped slot and other irregular groove processing, especially suitable for V groove in front of the metal sheet bending processing.

Performance and characteristics

  • Equipment adopts platform structure, tool post move through the horizontal, 
  • vertical, on board processing, to ensure the accuracy of every part slot depth.
  • Equipment adopts three molding knife before and after processing technology, make produced during the processing of scrap iron to reduce greatly, compared with the traditional five knife machining accuracy is greatly improved, work out the bottom ofthe channel by five knife may produce more than the bottom line.
  • Equipment using pneumatic clamp, pressure, work fast, be processed products without clamp mark, indentation, whole process tracking air cooling. With an alarm device.                                 
  • Gear rack, the equipment adopts high speed steel and large pitch ball screw, and high precision, mute linear guide.Servo motor with high torque spindle system and imported star reducer as a driver.Makes the tool post is more stable and quick when machining.This equipment is gantry used six super mute slide, any other similar products is can not be compared.
  • Equipment workbench using high strength plate as a base, makes the workbench when machining, not easy to be wear and tear.The device with the function of plane.
  • Adopt CNC numerical control equipment.Operator easy-to-learn, accurate positioning.
  • Clamp device, pressure material adopts full pneumatic control.Make the machine meet a high in energy conservation and environmental protection concept.
  • Equipment of the overall modelling concise and easy, beautiful, adopts frame structure setting, meet all kinds of technical personnel’s operation habit, make the operators at work can be fully meet the requirements of production and technology.

Main technical parameters of the equipment:

Mark parameters Unit Number
1 Max Thickness mm 6
2 Max Length mm 4000
3 Width of sheets mm 1220
4 Thickness mm 0.6
6 Grooving speed m/min 40-65
7 X axle Minimum unit mm 0.01mm
8 X axle Minimum positioning accuracy mm ±0.05mm
9 Z axle Minimum unit mm 0.01mm
10 Z axle Minimum positioning accuracy mm ±0.03mm
11 X axle Motor power Kw 0.8+0.8
12 Y axle Motor power Kw 4.5
13 Y axle Motor power Kw 0.8
14 Air pressure Map 0.4-0.6
15 Dimension mm 6000*2500*2500