Fastener Insertion Machine 618

LAG 618

SAFE AND RELIABLE — Security system of Fastener Insertion Machine make the operator to full protection on the conductive non-conductive work mode, which greatly enhaced the confidence and plug efficiency for the operator. No security risks.

PRESSURE DURING THE WHOLE TRIP — Pressure on the any point of processing, security system can use, and the system does not need make any adjustment, it does not increase the time of device initialization and tool change setting.

ENERGY SAVING AND ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION — Hydraulic drive can reduce Energy consumption by about 40% relatively pneumatic and hydraulic drive, greatly reducing the energy costs of equipment, the machine only press instantly applied in the full-load, standby power consumption is only 15%.

J TYPE HOOK BRACKET(MSTP33 PIECES OF HAND TOOLS) — J-hook realized insertion after bending, allowing you to bending easier.

SIMPLE OPERATION — Proprietary stress test adjustment button, allowing you to find the right riveting pressure within 10 seconds the novice can easily operate.

FORWARD LIMITED — Forward limited is specifically designed for the soft material, such as: PC board, plastic, glass and aluminim, which make fasteners plates woll not be deformed or crusche.

CUSTOMIZED DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT — RSM has professional technical team, to produce special pieces suitactual production customized

Product Feature 
High stiffness,structure,high stability,less deformation,less vibration,high accuracy
Ergonomic design frame and different size tooling package with easy operation panel to meet most of the complex insertion           process by single operator
Quick press force setting and repeatability ± 1%
Maximum welding speed 35/min
. 100% safety system
. Ram force range MAX 54 KN
. Throat depth 458mm
. Energy saving re-design reliability and energy efficiency of a full hydraulic system
. Possibility to insert M10 nut with the mild steel .


Force 44KN 54KN 72KN
Insertion capacity M8 nut/M6 standoff/M4 stud M10 nut/M8 standoff/M6 stud M12 nut/M10 standoff/M8 stud
Throat Depth 406mm 450mm 610mm
Thtoat Height 340mm 381mm 421mm
Stroke Length Adjustable Yes Yes Yes
Numbers of Inserts Per Hour(Manually) 1200 1200 1200
Ram Force Repeat Accurancy ±1% ±1% ±1%
Satety Device Yes Yes Yes
Manual Turret Insertion System(Optional) Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Feeding System(Optional) No Yes Yes
Clinching Joint System(Optional) Yes Yes Yes
Dwell time No Standard Standard
Positive stop No Optional Standard
Batch Counter(Optional) No Yes Yes
Main power 1.5kw 2.2kw 3.75KW
Tank Capacity 38L 38L 76L
Power Supply 220V/1Phase/50HZ 380V/3Phase/50HZ 380V/3Phase/50HZ
Dimension(W*D*H)mm 740*840*1650 800*810*2100 1025*960*2500
Net Weight(Kg) 335 610 950