Metal Fastener Insertion Machine

Metal Fastener Insertion Machine

SAFE AND RELIABLE — Security system of Fastener Insertion Machine make the operator to full protection on the conductive non-conductive work mode, which greatly enhaced the confidence and plug efficiency for the operator. No security risks.

PRESSURE DURING THE WHOLE TRIP — Pressure on the any point of processing, security system can use, and the system does not need make any adjustment, it does not increase the time of device initialization and tool change setting.

ENERGY SAVING AND ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION — Hydraulic drive can reduce Energy consumption by about 40% relatively pneumatic and hydraulic drive, greatly reducing the energy costs of equipment, the machine only press instantly applied in the full-load, standby power consumption is only 15%.

J TYPE HOOK BRACKET(MSTP33 PIECES OF HAND TOOLS) — J-hook realized insertion after bending, allowing you to bending easier.

SIMPLE OPERATION — Proprietary stress test adjustment button, allowing you to find the right riveting pressure within 10 seconds the novice can easily operate.

FORWARD LIMITED — Forward limited is specifically designed for the soft material, such as: PC board, plastic, glass and aluminim, which make fasteners plates woll not be deformed or crusche.

CUSTOMIZED DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT — RSM has professional technical team, to produce special pieces suitactual production customized