The New E831-8 XYZ-R Servo Insertion Center

Leading the world in continuous innovation of fastener insertion technology.

The New E831-8 XYZ-R Servo Insertion Center Main Function

  • Zero errors in your hardware insertion process.

  • Easy setup and programming in less than 15 minutes per new setun.

  • Insertion into sheets up to 47″ x 31″ (1200mm x 800mm) from 2 sides.

  • Unmanned production time of up to 8 hours depending on workpiece sizes.

  • Offline software & importing to CAD drawings.

  • Prevent wrong insertion and missed insertion, insert four different type fasteners at once.

  • Fastener/Fastener workpiece hole missing system, will detect and automatically remove the wrong length studs or standoffs.

  • Alignment of the workpiece on the Auto-Load table.

  • Movable workbench.

  • 8 station automatic change.

  • Highly Sensitive CCD Compensation System. Determine whether the hole position of the workpiece is accurate through camera and compensate for the error.


The New E831-8 XYZ-R Servo Insertion Center is Idea for :

  • Flat, single, large workpieces with fasteners required in both sides of the workpiece.
  • Multiple, at workpiece with a variety of up to 8 different fasteners.
  • Cell environment setup to work simultaneously with 1 operator in combination with a manual insertion machine or press brake.


Model E831-8 XYZ-R
Force Range Adjustable 50 kg/111 Ibs (0.5 kN) to 8000 kg/17, 637 Ibs (80 kN)
Throat Depth 800mm
Repreatability ±0.01mm
Fastener Range M3-M8 Carbon Steel
Max Rivet Length 25mm
Speed 5s/piece
Workpiece Range 1200*800mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 60KG
Bending Max Avoidance Height 60mm
Workpiece Surface Max Height Difference 30mm
Power 13KW
Voltage 380V/3P/50Hz
Machine Size 4100*3050*2500mm
Weight 4100KG